The Central Minnesota SCI chapter believes conservation is essential. As ethical hunters, we all have a responsibility to actively help with conservation efforts for our wildlife and environment. Within our chapter we do this by raising funds and donating our time, money, and manpower to local projects.

One way we fulfill this responsibility is by making donations to the MN DNR to help fund their K9 program. These dogs are used daily in various conservation efforts such as sniffing out and stopping invasive zebra muscles and finding illegally obtained game to stop poachers.



The Central Minnesota Chapter is always striving to make our community a better place. One way we can do this is through yearly humanitarian projects and donations.

Over the years we have taken part in many projects and made multiple donations to better our community. One of those projects was constructing a hunting blind for disabled hunters. The blind was donated to the MN DNR for use in the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. 

We have also enjoyed going on fishing trips and outdoor excursions with youth from the Central Minnesota Boys and Girls Club. We can not think of a better way to give back than introducing the next generation to the outdoors and the activities we love.

In 2015 the Central Minnesota SCI chapter donated a Velociraptor foam archery target to The Minnesota Broken Wing Connection to replace their old one.  The Minnesota Broken Wing Connection is a nonprofit organization helping individuals with physical disabilities discover the outdoor activities available to them. We continue to make yearly donations to their organization to support their cause.



One way we choose to give back to the community is through education. The Central Minnesota SCI chapter greatly values education. It is our goal to teach the public about conservation and the important role that hunting and other outdoor activities play in its success. Because of this goal, we like to partner with youth to raise and donate funds to students and activities that value conservation and strive to educate others of its importance.

Every year we donate up to three $1,000 college scholarships to graduating high school students in the central Minnesota area. The students are asked to write an essay on what conservation means to them and how they will use their education to aid in conservation efforts in the future.

We are also happy to be partnering with the Coon Rapids and Sauk Rapids-Rice Trap Teams, as well as Average Joes JOAD on a fund raiser to help cover expenses for their teams.